Grandmaster Funk Monkey Feisty Pets Growling

Grandmaster Funk Monkey Feisty Pets Growling

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Grandmaster Funk is a monkey! They're cute, but they're feisty! Feisty Pets plush stuffed animals will turn on you if you squeeze them. The bad boys of plush. You won't like me when I'm angry... 


• Jungle gyms
• Bananas
• Throwing poo

• Stuffed animals
• Global warming
• Your face

This next generation of Feisty Pets isn't going to snarl at you - they're going to smile! More specifically, they'll give you an evil grin that looks like they're up to something. These cute and cuddly plush animals betray ulterior motives with just a squeeze of the head - revealing shifty eyes and pulling their lips back into an evil grin! (Squeeze our heads and we'll reveal shifty eyes and bare our teeth, too!) Choose a bear, cat, dog, or monkey, and get ready to experience the Big Evil Grin firsthand!

  • Feisty Pets Evil Grins, Growling, Tongue or doofus
  • Choose one of you favirote character of animal
  • Plush animal that reveals shifty eyes and bares its teeth in an evil grin when squeezed
  • Great for practical jokers
  • Materials: Polyester fibers
  • Care Instructions: Surface washable.
  • Ages 3+

 Custom Design or Private Labeling is available for this product. Please contact us for more information!