Policy - Frequently Asked Questions

What is DOZtrading and How can we work together?

DOZtrading is an American Company registered and operated in USA, Its fully regulated by USA Law. DOZtrading as stated in its name and logo, It is a trading company which helps its customers to do Import or Export products, services from one country to another. If you are a business which is interested in DOZtrading's products and services, you must register an online account.

How can I order products? How I know which warehouse is fulfilling my order?

All products online and ready to be ordered. DOZtrading have warehouses in USA, CHINA, EU and Middle East. Before placing an order you are welcome to ask our wholesale team about which warehouse will fulfill if you place an order. Also during the checkout if you see option of Air Shipping or Sea Shipping that means it will be fulfilled overseas. But if you see Ground Shipping that means it will be fulfilled in your own country.

Do I consider as importer when I order products from one of DOZtrading's overseas warehouses? What should I have to know?

Yes ordering products from one of our overseas warehouses makes you an importer. Your business might not need a license to import in most cases but you are still responsible with all process of importing products from one country to another. You must be aware shipping between two countries is more complex. How much shipping programs look certain still sometimes delays might happen. Also Customs same way, sometimes suddenly rules and policies can change which can cause delays. As Doztrading we clearly don't have control over shipping companies or customs delays.

How does the shipping work?

There are several ways of shipping methods DOZtrading is using, most common ones called ground shipping and air shipping but there are also sea or railroad shipping too. Mostly our system will advise you what options we have for your order during check out based on your quantity. But still you are welcome to ask or advice us about your order shipping. 

Can I use my shipping account?

Our shipping accounts have good discounted rates, but you are welcome to use your shipping account if you like to. Just need to inform us about it during placing order and also provide us your shipping account information.

What Happens if my order is damaged during the shipping?

We use heavy duty boxes that is going to product the products but sometimes some of shipping companies are not as gentle as we are, when they move products around. DOZtrading is not responsible for such damages because our business is doing products not shipping. We suggest you get an insurance for your product or Directly solve the issue with your shipping company.

What Happens if my package or items are missing?

This is a rare and an unfortunate case, we will surely need some calm and patience during this process, because we are here on your side as your agent not against you, We will do our best to find an answer. Soonest such thing happened, you must report the missing in detail with description and pictures of proof to our offices. We will investigate it for you and locate it where it is at first, If we were not able to locate then we will have two options

  • If products shipped complete and something happened during the customs or shipping then it means Because; It has no power over customs or shipping companies, It clearly can't be accountable! The loss must be covered by your insurance or shipping company's business insurance.
  • But if something happened during fulfillment and we verified that by checking weights and documents then we will gladly either refund you or resend you the missing items or packages.

 How to pay or get refunded?

DOZtrading.com accepts all major cards and we also offer bank deposits for 1% discount on your entire order (Use Bank Deposit Save 1% OFF!).

If your order in some case not fulfillable and canceled, we will refund your funds back to your card. You must be aware of that, even we refund the money in our end still it takes 1-3 business days to appear on your bank account.